A Pathway to your International
in Animation, VFX or
Gaming in Vancouver, Canada!
Get Upto 3-year Work Permit


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  • Gain professional certificate from Arena Animation and later an Advanced Diploma from Langara Centre of Entertainment Arts
  • Eligibility to get a 3-year Post-graduate work permit (PGWP)
  • Special Scholarships for Arena alumni
  • Part-time or Internship opportunities while studying
  • Placement assistance

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    Exclusive Benefits to Arena Animation Career Course Students

    Admission with Langara CEA

  • 1st year foundation course tuition fee:
    CAD 20,000
  • 2nd & 3rd year course tuition fee (to gether):
    CAD 65,000
  • Total tuition fee:CAD 85,000

  • *Accommodation & living expenses extra

  • Pathway to Langara CEA With Arena

  • 1st year foundation course tuition fee:
    CAD 0.0 at Canada
    (As a basic course would be completed at Arena
    Animation, you will end up saving costs incurred to do the Foundation course at Canada.)
  • 2nd & 3rd year course tuition fee (together):
    CAD 65,000 at Canada
  • A special scholarship of CAD 19,500 at
    Canada is provided to Arena Animation students.
  • Total tuition fee is:CAD 45,500 at Canada

  • Scholarship of
    CAD 19,500
    at Canada

    Why study in Vancouver, Canada?

    Vancouver, Canada is one of the world’s largest hub for top VFX, animation, and video game development studios. Companies are frequently recruiting skilled and qualified creative professionals. Over 42,000 jobs are generated by Film and TV production in British Columbia, Canada, with over 80% located in Metro Vancouver.

    Vancouver is not just a global creative hub, but also a beautiful, desirable, and livable place.


    Here are some of the reasons why you must consider joining Langara CEA for pursing your education abroad and advancing your career opportunities.

  • Government-funded college in Vancouver, Canada
  • Offers Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation, VFX, and Game Design
  • Located at a 38,000 square foot facility in the heart of Vancouver’s creative district
  • Trains over 22,000 students every year
  • Offers a curriculum designed to equip creative students with the skill sets that the recruiters are looking for
  • Trains students in the latest software, tools, and equipment used by the industry-professionals so that you are ready to enter the workforce immediately after you complete your course
  • Gives the students access to the thriving entertainment industry in Vancouver
  • Offers wide range of student services specifically tailored to international students
  • Have small class sizes that ensures personalized attention from instructors

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