IMAGINE the whole world online with GWDD

The information technology and internet revolution has thrown up a huge range of career opportunities. Companies need a lot of communication activities to stay on top of mind. India’s internet user base is also expected to increase to 463 million connections by2018.*

The GWDD program ensures that you get training in all aspects of Graphic and Web Design and become proficient in software used extensively by industry. It uses industry endorsed techniques to transform you into an in-demand new media creative professional.

Graphic, web Design & Development

Term 1 Term 2
  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Designing for Web using Markup Language and Style sheets
  • Web Designing Concepts
  • Concepts of Programming
  • Typography Design
  • Web Development using Angular JS
  • Illustrations for Web
  • Design and Development using Programming Language
  • Creating Artworks
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Layout Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Animation using Animate CC
  • Web Design & Development Portfolio
  • Web Design Portfolio


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IMAGINE the revolution in graphic and web design

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