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Broadcast your creativity on television by creating “branding” also known as channel packaging for Television Channels and Programmes.The rise of consumerism in India has seen a surge in Television Channels. Regional channels have mushroomed to cater sensibilities of diverse set of audiences. Therein lies the opportunity for career success.

The AAIP Broadcast program is a “Design-Oriented” program that combines graphic animation, live-footing, music, sound, electronic, interactive and unconventional media tools to create engaging motion visuals for:

The AAIP Broadcast program trains you in the following key areas:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • 2D Animation Concepts
  • Broadcast Design
  • Anatomy Study
  • Digital Pre-Production
  • 3D Basics - Modeling to Animation
  • Typography Design
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Motion Graphics in 3Ds Max
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Motion Graphics using Animate CC
  • Rendering with V-Ray
  • Digital Painting
  • 2D Motion Graphics Portfolio
  • Broadcast Design using Cinema 4D
  • Digital Film-making Concepts
  • Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Sound Editing
  • Digital Marketing & Media Concepts
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing & Media Concepts
  • Design Portfolio
  • Broadcast Design Portfolio


Career in broadcasting can take you places – literally. Arena Animation’s placement assistance prepares students for a career in the Television industry and also enables them explore opportunities Film-making as well as the Digital Media Industry.

Some of the high definition career profiles you can choose from are: