Do you want to live the good life? With today’s careers, either you get creative or you suck dirt. Wordplay, that is just what has been said in the above statement. If a single picture paints a thousand words, just imagine how many pixels I would have needed to convey the same message above, perhaps a few pixels only? If you are creative, why not bank on it? Modern animated films totally rely on 3D animation and complicated multimedia technologies. The pay is enormous but the pathway seems ridiculously trivial. That is the reality and if you can paint that with a few pixels, then you are more likely to be successful on this well-sought endeavor.
At Arena Ameerpet, we value your talents and we want to enhance your skills. Our dedicated R&D have crafted specially designed courses to launch your successful career in the Multimedia Industry. We have courses in high-end 3D animation, graphic design & multimedia, gaming design, VFX and also short term courses on 3D animation, digital photography and VFX. As a progressive school, we constantly innovate the best curriculum available for our students.

Our Courses

Make a career out of your interests like drawing, painting, watching movies, or playing video games.


Animation Program offers comprehensive training in all aspects of Animation to make you a complete job-ready professional.

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The AAIP VFX program offers end to end training in Animation and VFX and enables you to pursue a successful VFX career.

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Web Designing

Web designing is a creative career, highly in demand. As Internet usage keeps increasing, more  businesses want their own websites.

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Creative skills & knowledge in high-end designing software is all you need to make it big in the television industry.

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Arena’s complete Multimedia course trains you in various media applications such as Print, Moving & Interactive Media

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Short Term

If you are a professional looking to sharpen your skills, you can apply for a fast-track course with us and learn more

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