Arena Animation International Program (AAIP) is a comprehensive program that trains students end-to-end in all aspects of Animation to make them job-ready Animation professional. It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of Animation- 2D and 3D, design visualization, image magic, digital sculpting, Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and also trains you on the latest technologies and tools such as Golaem Crowd and Arnold Renderer



Arena Animation International Program (AAIP) - VFX is a comprehensive program that trains students end-to-end in all aspects of visual effects to make them job-ready VFX professional. It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of VFX, Animation - 2D and 3D, typography, digital filmmaking, FX, Dynamics & simulation and also trains on the latest technologies and tools used in the Visual Effects industry



Graphics Web Design & Development (GWDD) is a comprehensive program that trains students in all aspects of Graphic Design, Web Designing and development makes you a complete design professional It uses industry-endorsed techniques to make the student an in demand new media creative professional for rich multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, concepts of digital graphics, image editing for print & publishing, UI/UX, SEO, Content Management etc



This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “ VFX Editor, Roto Artist, Matte painter, Compositor, Pre comp Artists, Match moving Artist, Tracking artist, Vfx Artist”, in the “Media and Entertainment” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner This course encompasses 4 out of 4 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “VFX Editor” Qualification Pack issued by “Media and Entertainment”.



Do you want to live the good life? With today's careers, either you get creative or you suck dirt. Wordplay, that is just what has been said in the above statement. If a single picture paints a thousand words, just imagine how many pixels I would have needed to convey the same message above, perhaps a few pixels only? If you are creative, why not bank on it? Modern animated films totally rely on 3D animation and complicated multimedia technologies. The pay is enormous but the pathway seems ridiculously trivial. That is the reality and if you can paint that with a few pixels, then you are more likely to be successful on this well-sought endeavor.
At Arena Ameerpet, we value your talents and we want to enhance your skills. Our dedicated R&D have crafted specially designed courses to launch your successful career in the Multimedia Industry. We have courses in high-end 3D animation, graphic design & multimedia, gaming design, VFX and also short term courses on 3D animation, digital photography and VFX. As a progressive school, we constantly innovate the best curriculum available for our students.


You’ve the power to breathe life into never before imagined situations, characters and objects. All of them created by you. The AAIP Animation Program offers comprehensive training in all aspects of Animation to make you a complete job-ready professional.

Create magical realms, extinct and imaginary characters, never seen before action, merge live with fiction through VFX.The AAIP VFX program offers end to end training in Animation and VFX and enables you to pursue a successful VFX career.


Broadcast your creativity on television by creating “branding” also known as channel packaging for Television Channels and Programmes.The rise of consumerism in India has seen a surge in Television Channels. Regional channels have mushroomed to cater sensibilities of diverse set of audiences. Therein lies the opportunity for career success. The AAIP Broadcast program is a “Design-Oriented” program that combines graphic animation, live-footing, music, sound, electronic, interactive and unconventional media tools to create engaging motion visuals for

The information technology and internet revolution has thrown up a huge range of career opportunities. Companies need a lot of communication activities to stay on top of mind. India’s internet user base is also expected to increase to 463 million connections by2018.*

We are witnessing paradigm shift toward digital and visual media. There are new careers in that did not even exist a few years back. The total internet user base in India had grown drastically, with more than half using mobile devices. The potential of the industry is indeed vast



I found Arena Ameerpet, to acheive my goals in VFx industry. because of, Teaching with Production experience more helpful to my careers, Outstanding knowledge on VFx, easy to gain at Arena Ameerpet.Thanks a lot

Rahimuddin Mohammad, Roto Artist, Rotomaker

For anyone seeking first class Digital Media Education, Arena Ameerpet is the perfect choice. The knowledge and experience that I gained through the courses are proving to be extremely helpful in pursuing the career of my dreams.

Santosh Kumar Jagarlapudi, Graphic Designer VIRTUSA



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